Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Video: We Are Your Government (Occupy Oakland)

Brainphreak - We Are Your Government

This video was made using footage from the recent attack on the people of Oakland at the "Occupy Oakland" protest. The music I wrote and recorded a few years ago but thought it was a good time to make a video due to the recent events.
Being involved in the "occupy" protests in San Francisco and keeping in close contact with other locations in California, it was especially disturbing to witness the attacks carried out on the people in Oakland. It was a very clear abuse of power and bad decision making. It was broadcast live and I was following along as the attacks were carried out. Video from before, during and after the attacks are fully available from all angles on youtube.  In the end there was over 16 police departments involved to evict all 175 'occupy' protestors who should have been protected by the US constitution. When some of the protestors decided not to budge and participate in a common 'sit in' protest, the police opened fire on the entire group, utilizing everything from sound weapons and percussion flash grenades to 'less-than-lethal' rounds and an obscene amount of tear gas. In the end many people were injured and one Iraq War veteran was sent to the hospital in critical condition after being shot in the head with a canister by police.

This is all in the name of 'safety'? how is it this protecting the public when it has turned a simple protest which may have at worst contained possible crimes of 'vandalism' or even 'health code violations' by one or two individuals, into a complete war zone with 175 people running through the streets literally dodging bullets running possibly for their lives. This is completely un-american and police activities that should never be seen in a free society. Please share with others to raise awareness of the crimes that took place by the state.