Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Strangling Marilyn - Surrender (Song and Video)

Here is a new song from my band Strangling Marilyn. I spent some time experimenting in Bryce3D since the program is now FREE!! Made a cool SM logo and then started experimenting more in After Effects animation and 3D stereo rigs. The result is the following video which took me about 1 week just in computer rendering time! Rockit was really crunching the numbers!

The above video was created for 3D viewing, but you can turn off 3D through the options below the video. I also messed with the camera angles a bit and re-rendered in just 2D so it can be at full resolution on youtube (or as best as youtube allows). Here is the native 2D version

Here is the song streaming from bandcamp. Surrender is also available on itunes and cdbaby and most all of those other digital music stores.