Friday, May 20, 2011

Mike Patton and PIVIXKI Premier Performance in San Francisco

Mike Patton and PIVIXKI

This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of watching one of my favorite musicians Mike Patton play a shredding set of noise with drum and bass duo PIVIXKI who came all the way from Australia for this one show. This was the very first live show, and quite possibly the only show knowing Mike's history. I do hope that Mike Patton and PIVIXKI decide to release an album, the music was a great experience bringing the heavyness of metal, chaos of noise and experimental, and the odd timing of classical jazz and progressive. Murderous piano, thundering drums, and Mike Patton screaming his head off like he can only do created an overall atmosphere that was very eerie and felt as if you were sucked into a scary movie like "the shining".  I highly recommend you see Mike Patton in any of his various experimental projects regardless of the lineup, you will always experience something unforgettable even if you do not connect with the music.

Here is a description of this new act from the venue promo:

"Australian piano/drums duo PIVIXKI is a classic example of something that
works when it shouldn't: a versatile composer hammering hyper-fast piano
riffs referencing, Cecil Taylor, Slayer, Xenakis, and Ethiopiques grooves
over immaculate blast beats by one the hardest-working drummers in
international grind, who also produces hip-hop and electro tracks in

Throw musical polymath Mike Patton into this territory and you have a
genuinely dangerous proposition: music with the borders completely invisible
and the possibilities immense. An early supporter of the band, and one of
the world's most versatile and creative composer/vocalists EVER, the
resulting trio promises an uncompromising night of delirious sonic reality. "

I was able to capture some footage of the show for all you web-sters. I had too many heads in the way so couldn't get anything up close but later I went to the back and upstairs, zoomed in and got this little bit of footage from up above. The camera was only 4x zoom and without image stabilization so I added some trippy effects and things to make the video more enjoyable.

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