Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Pain" Experimental Song and 3D Video!

*3D Options Available Only On Youtube*
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I was playing around with Garageband for ipad the day after watching the Residents perform Talking Light a couple weeks ago. I came up with some stuff that was probably a bit inspired by the show, then wrote some lyrics regarding my early life and sang into the itty bitty mic on the ipad for vocals. The result is a kinda low fi demo, but it was scary and personal enough for me to share. I also have been wanting to experiment with multiple layers of 3D video and editing them together. I took my fuji w3 3D camera out in the garage and took some random 3D video of artwork and wind chimes. I came back and quickly spliced them together with the song. Hope you like the result and it doesn't give you a headache! Unless you like that sort of thing... Warning this is VERY experimental, and your eyes may pop out of your skull watching it. I will not be held responsible for your struggle to focus on floating non important objects.

If you like the song enough to listen to it without the video here is the MP3 for our eyePod: Brainphreak - Pain.mp3

*Note: No REAL instruments were used or harmed in the making of this song. Everything done using Garageband on the iPAD. Lyrics are embedded inside the mp3.

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