Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Support the Kids! Bister Mungle at Eureka High School Talent Show

Mr. Bungle continue to be one of my biggest influences and favorite bands to watch and listen to. I never had the opportunity to catch them live while they were still together, but have caught each of the members in their various projects which formed after the demise of Bungle. Each member of this band is uniquely talented and together form one of the greatest live acts to exist since Frank Zappa. In this rare opportunity we get to see genius musicians doing what they do while still in High School.

Mike Patton and the rest of Mr. Bungle, back when they were kids playing at the high school talent show.

1985 - Bister Mungle

You can see that Mike was well on his way to becoming a wild front man even covering songs in his own silly way. The band you can see already enjoyed mixing various genres and were beginning to have a stage presence. This was apparently before the band played out live under the name Mr. Bungle which as we know added a much darker edge as they wrote original tracks and became very skilled musicians.

I recently watched an old pro shot recording of the band from 2000 taken at bizarre festival in my collection and felt I must share the concert as a whole for the world to see. You will never see anything quite like this again unless we are lucky enough to live to see a reunion of the band.

2000 - Mr Bungle

It just goes to show, you should support the kids and their music. Even if they run around acting like jackasses on stage pissing off parents, teachers, and small dogs.

About Mr Bungle:
Mr. Bungle was known for its distinctive musical traits, often cycling through several musical genres within the course of a single song. Many of its songs had an unconventional structure and utilized a wide array of instruments and samples. Live shows often featured members dressing up and an array of cover songs.

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